Higashiyama Zoo - Baby Kiyomasa Kiyomasa was born on November 1, 2012. His father is Shabani and his mother is Nene. At the time of his birth, Nene was 40 years old which is quite an advanced age for a gorilla. Shabani was 16 yrs old. Yes, Nene is not only a gorilla, but she is a cougar as well.Even though Ai had been pregnant by Shabani before, that infant did not live long after it was born. Therefore Kiyomasa is widely known as Shabani's first born son. Kiyomasa is the most loving little gorilla I have ever seen. He is very affectionate to everyone in the troop. When Shabani and Nene are at odds, Kiyomasa is quick to get in the middle of the two to diffuse the situation. He will still snuggle up to Nene and hold on to her like an infant or toddler would even though he is long…

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