Bauwi – Arnhem’s Burgers’ Zoo

Arnhem's Burgers' Zoo - Bauwi was born on July 19, 1989. His father was Kibabu and his mother was Mouila. Kibabu was born at Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands and currently resides at Arnhem's Burgers' Zoo also in the Netherlands. Bauwi is the older and full brother to Haoko (Ueno Zoo), Shabani (Higashiyama Zoo), M'beli (Taronga Zoo) and Mahali (Orana Wildlife Park).  Bauwi has been quite prolific just like his father. He has 12 kids from 5 wives. 2013 was a particularly busy year for this troop with 4 babies born 2 of which were a pair of twins, N'Kato and N'Hasa. Twins are very rare in gorillas. KibabuMouila Wives Laikab. 1979 wildd. 1/16/2005 N'Gaylab. 5/9/1993 Shatillab. 4/17/1997d. 1/13/2015 Nimbab. 1/31/1999 Makouab. 6/11/2004 Children Lunob. 08/11/1999d. 1/26/2000 Likalay Lulub. 12/14/2001 N'Aikab. 1/5/2005  N'Washib. 8/25/2009 N'Yaoundab. 2/5/2001 N'Katob. 6/13/2013 N'Hasab. 6/13/2013 Shailab. 12/25/2006  Shallitab. 5/21/2014d. 11/16/2014 N'Akouhb. 11/4/2009 Nuktab. 4/25/2013 Madibab. 10/25/2013

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