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Oumbi is a 26-year-old male silverback Western lowland gorilla. He currently lives with females Ozala, Biddi and Asante at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, England. He has 3 children with Ozala, all boys. The oldest one, Okanda, was raised by humans after Ozala was unable to produce enough milk. Gorillas Lope and Shufai live with the family. Oumbie has only bred with Ozala. I heard he doesn’t like Asante and she tries to stay out of his way. Grandma Biddy is just not interested. 


Weight: 419lbs (190kg)
Birthdate: June 30th 1992
Birthplace: Howletts Wild Animal Park
Dam / Sire: Mouila / Bitam*
Offspring: Okanda, Lope, Shufai.
~ June 30th 1992 / September 5th 1997: Howletts Wild Animal Park
~ September 5th 1997 / September 2nd 2009: Port Lympne Wild Animal Park
~ September 2nd 2009 / now: Twycross Zoo

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Photo by Taun

Grandma Biddy
b. 1973
Born in Africa

Photo by Tim Ellis

b. March 19th 1994
Born at Twycross Zoo


b. June 6th 1985
Born at Twycross Zoo


Photo by  by Willard

Okanda (m)
b. April 17th 2011


Lope (m)
b. January 3rd 2013


Shufai (m)
b. September 25th 2016

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