New to Campo Gorilla at LA Zoo -

N’djia (24) was born on December 31st 1994 at San Diego Safari Park. Her parents are Kamilah and Winston. At 8 yrs old she was moved from San Diego Safari Park to San Diego Zoo where she lived with her half-brother Paul Donn and his family. In early June 2018 she moved again to the Campo Gorilla Reserve at the LA Zoo. This move was based on a breeding recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) between N’djia and the silverback Kelly (31) who is already a father of two.

By all accounts N’djia, while being a smaller gorilla in size, is quite a spitfire with a spunky personality. Rapunzel (34) immediately bonded with N’djia and took her under her wing. It took Evelyn (42) a little longer but she can be seen sitting with N’djia now.

The romance with Kelly started slow and cautiously on N’djia’s side. However, Kelly took an immediate interest in her. Kelly is a patient and gentle silverback ansd quickly won her over. She is now comfortable being next to him and lets hope we will see babies on the horizon soon. 

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