Grauer Gorillas

Critically endangered Grauer's gorillas are the largest primate in the world & one of our closest relatives. Today, consider what you can do to help GRACE save them.

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Oumbie – Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo - Oumbi is a 26-year-old male silverback Western lowland gorilla. He currently lives with females Ozala, Biddi and Asante at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, England. He has 3 children with Ozala, all boys. The oldest one, Okanda, was raised by humans after Ozala was unable to produce enough milk. Gorillas Lope and Shufai live with the family. Oumbie has only bred with Ozala. I heard he doesn't like Asante and she tries to stay out of his way. Grandma Biddy is just not interested.  Weight: 419lbs (190kg)Birthdate: June 30th 1992Birthplace: Howletts Wild Animal ParkDam / Sire: Mouila / Bitam*Offspring: Okanda, Lope, Shufai.Transfers:   ~ June 30th 1992 / September 5th 1997: Howletts Wild Animal Park~ September 5th 1997 / September 2nd 2009: Port Lympne Wild Animal Park~ September 2nd 2009 / now: Twycross Zoo Wives Grandma Biddyb. 1973Born in Africa Ozalab. March 19th 1994Born at Twycross Zoo Asanteb. June 6th 1985Born…

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Shabani's Around 2007 when Shabani was 10 years old he gained fame in Japan when he was photographed walking on a rope. One of his caretakers had hung the rope there thinking they would want to play with it. But he never imagined that Shabani would actually want to walk on it. After a while the rest of the troop all learned to walk on the rope, but that is a story for a different page. In 2015 was when Shabani's fame really took off and he became known around the world. It started when some Japanese girls started posting pictures of Shabani on Twitter saying how handsome he was. In truth, Shabani is a very photogenic gorilla and would often be caught in pictures with a look typical of male models.In Japan he was being called "Ikemen" which means "handsome guy". But when the zoo mentioned that he is…

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Haoko – Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo - Haoko was born on August 21, 1983. His father was Kibabu and his mother was Mouila. Kibabu was born at Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands. On December 6, 1996 he was transferred to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia along with the rest of his family. On June 27, 2007 Haoko was transferred to Japan along with his brother Shabani as part of a coordinated breeding program to ensure genetic diversity. While Shabani was transferred to Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan. Haoko was sent to Ueno Zoological Gardens in Tokyo, Japan.Haoko has 4 wives but has only bred with Momoko. Together they have 3 children. Two girls and one boy. They had another baby which was stillborn on October 12, 2016. Both Shabani and Haoko are well known for being very loving and playful with their children. Much more than other silverbacks. KibabuMouila is a very funny video of Haoko taking off with baby Komomo…

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Higashiyama Zoo - Annie was born on on June 2, 2013 at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Her mother is Ai. She is Shabani's 2nd born child. When Annie was born, Ai failed to take proper care of her. After a few weeks Annie's health started to decline so the gorilla caretakers made the decision to take her and raise her instead.The zoo never intended on keeping Annie separated from the troop forever. They would bring her over to the bars so the others would get to see her and smell her and not forget about her.On March 31, 2014,  Annie was moved from the nursery, along with her pillow and towels, to a room next to the gorilla house.  There were bars between the rooms that allowed for close contact but not full contact with the adults. There was a little door opening by which Kiyomasa crossed over and spent…

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Higashiyama Zoo - Baby Kiyomasa Kiyomasa was born on November 1, 2012. His father is Shabani and his mother is Nene. At the time of his birth, Nene was 40 years old which is quite an advanced age for a gorilla. Shabani was 16 yrs old. Yes, Nene is not only a gorilla, but she is a cougar as well.Even though Ai had been pregnant by Shabani before, that infant did not live long after it was born. Therefore Kiyomasa is widely known as Shabani's first born son. Kiyomasa is the most loving little gorilla I have ever seen. He is very affectionate to everyone in the troop. When Shabani and Nene are at odds, Kiyomasa is quick to get in the middle of the two to diffuse the situation. He will still snuggle up to Nene and hold on to her like an infant or toddler would even though he is long…

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Higashiyama Zoo - Ai is the second wife of Shabani. She was born on February 27, 2003 at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Her father was Rikki and her mother is Nene. At 9 yrs old she gave birth to a baby who died soon after. This baby was never named. The father was Shabani. Female gorillas are sexually mature at around 7 to 8 years of age. However, they do not usually reproduce until they are 10 years old. It is possible that Ai was too young to have a baby but we will never know.On June 2, 2013 she gave birth to a female gorilla who was named Annie. Annie was named by combining the names “Ai” and “Shabani”. Unfortunately, Ai failed to properly take care of Annie. The zoo removed Annie from the troop to be raised by the staff. On May 2, 2014 Ai and Annie…

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Kibabu’s Family Tree

KIBABU Kibabu was a Western Lowland Gorilla who was born at Howletts Wild Animal Park on May 25, 1977. His parents were Baby Doll and Kisoro. At 10 yrs old he was transferred to Alpeheul Primate Park where he remained until December 6, 1996. Several of his children were born there. After living at Alpeheul Primate Park he transferred to Taronga Zoo in Australia with his wives and children.On August 19, 2013 he was retired to Mogo Zoo to live out his elder years. With him went two of his infants, five-year-old boy Mahali and two-and-a-half-year-old Kipenzi, and their mothers, 41-year-old Mouila and 34-year-old Kriba. Sadly Kibabu passed away on August 26, 2018 at the age of 41. Kibabu was very prolific fathering 18 children who are spread around the world starting their own families. Together they are doing their part  to help safeguard his critically endangered species from extinction. Goofy Grin Kibabu Kibabu's…

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