Conservation Breeding Programs

Conservation Breeding Programs When you go to the zoo you are likely to think the whole experience is there so that people can enjoy and learn about kinds of animals from around the world. Without zoos most of us would never get to see any of these wonderful animals. However, good zoos do much more than simply display animals to visitors. Good zoos also play a vital role in conservation of endangered species. Many have specific programs that work to preserve and protect endangered species. One such plan is the Species Survival Plan (SSP). According to WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums), zoos and aquariums take part in cooperative international and regional breeding programs outside of the species natural habitat to form viable populations that can benefit those same species in their natural habitat. These breeding program serve many purposes: Support demographic and genetic backup to wild populations Provide animals…

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Republic of Congo New National Park

The Republic of Congo has just created its fifth ever national park – the Ogooué-Leketi National Park, which is expected to help dozens struggling wildlife species including gorillas and chimpanzees. The forest sector of the new park is also home to several other species, such as the African forest elephant, forest buffalo , red river hog, and several species of monkey including the mandrill.The communities living near the Ogooué-Leketi National Park have been involved in the process of creating the protected area since the project was launched, through an approach that ensured best practices of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent.This is an incredible accomplishment for wildlife conservation in the Congo and around the world as the new Ogooué-Leketi National Park which borders with Gabon’s Batéké Plateau National Park, will collectively offer more than 1,359,080 acres of protected river valleys, forests, and rolling savannahs.

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