Barney-Miami Zoo

Barney, a 25 year old Western Lowland Gorilla, had a full health checkup on 12/11/2018. While this was a preventative checkup they did find a couple of things. Barney has been having a skin rash for a bit and they found out that he has allergies to mango, plantains and dust mites. 

Barney also has been coughing a lot lately and when they performed a bronchoscopy they found that there were actual mites running around in there. Poor guy, combined with the skin allergy to dust mites, he must have been feeling pretty bad.

The last and perhaps most important checkup was for his heart and blood pressure. Silverbacks are known to suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease therefore zoos are keeping a close eye on any issues that might arise in this area. The good news is that Barney does not have hypertension. However, his heart is a bit enlarged but still normal. 

Barney currently weighs 414 lbs. (188 kg.). He is known for having a permanent smile on his face. 

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